Student Mentoring

As a teacher, my goal has always been maximum engagement. If you can engage the students, good things will follow…

  • A vibrant and energised environment where learning thrives
  • Quality relationships where mutual respect underpins all interactions
  • A drastic reduction in disruptive behaviour
  • An inclusive classroom where everyone’s contribution is valued
  • A growth mindset culture which promotes risk taking and reduces results anxiety
The Reconnect Project will help young people
  • navigate the minefield of pressures and expectations
  • learn ways of rethinking their responses to challenging experiences
  • Respond more and React less
  • understand how to become more aware of their actions, behaviours, thoughts and emotions, and learn ways to moderate these more effectively
  • learn how to focus on the present and let go of attachments to past or future events
  • implement strategies in their lives that will ensure good mental fitness
  • understand the connection between mind and body