Engaging, challenging and stimulating presentations which provoke self-reflection, a new way of being and a questioning of current paradigms

Book Steve to speak to your students, teachers, parents or leadership teams – in both schools and the corporate world.


I am currently working as a Life Coach, Student and Leadership Mentor, Speaker, and Retreat Facilitator.

I specialise in working with adolescents, but can also work with parents, teachers and school leadership teams, one-on-one with people who are wanting to step into their higher selves, both professionally and personally, and corporate and sporting organisations embracing a culture of growth and self-awareness.

In my work with young people, I give them the tools to believe in their infinite capabilities, and provide a framework whereby they can reframe their experiences and utilise them as opportunities for growth.

Keynote Presentations

Exploring the following:

  • Improving student motivation, engagement and resilience
  • Avoiding stress and burnout as a teacher or education leader
  • Courageous Leadership amidst resistance to change
  • How to shift your mindset and step into a new future
  • Improving cohesion in the workplace or classroom

Steve Centra brings a whole new way of looking at education and engaging with kids’ needs. His 33 years experience in education as a principal, teacher and father shows his passion to see kids engage with their learning and to be inspired. He’s an education whizz to teachers and parents, removing barriers and inspiring children to learn a whole new way!

I’d highly recommend Steve to come and talk and give his presentation to change the way we look at education and see how we can effectively engage with adolescents and navigate ways to help improve mental health, wellbeing and give them the ability and tools to thrive in life.

Rachael Leah Jackson – Frenchs Forest Lion’s Club Vice-President &
Northern Beaches Citizen of the year 2023