Leadership Mentoring

One-on-one or group coaching to help you discover and nurture natural leadership qualities

Leadership Qualities

The best leadership qualities and skills you could ever possess come from who you truly are as a person. Authentic leadership starts with your innate qualities as a person.

If you are in a formal leadership role, self-awareness, the ability to reframe and rethink your beliefs, thoughts and emotions, and learning self-care strategies will be essential to your growth as a leader.

Personal Strengths & Leadership Qualities

Working one-on-one, or with groups, I will help you identify your personal strengths and innate leadership qualities. Using the elements of ‘The Reconnect Project’, we will explore…

  • How our core beliefs or personality traits may or may not correlate with traditional leadership models
  • Ways we can maintain mental fitness and avoid the habits and behaviours which can lead to stress and burnout
  • Rethinking and reframing challenging situations
  • Establishing clear boundaries
  • Understanding the leadership journey and not attaching to the outcomes
  • Building quality relationships
  • Courageous leadership
  • Leadership versus management
  • The importance of balance
  • Leadership by example