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As a teacher and educational leader, I completely understand the challenges faced by schools every day. When I began teaching, Google Classrooms didn’t exist, nor did Tik Tok or Instagram. Life in schools seemed simple. There were less distractions and fewer demands. As society has become more complex, so have our schools. We grapple with a crowded curriculum and a generation of young people who can revert to technology to find out anything they need to know!

The educational landscape has changed significantly, so what is it that we need to do to ensure that students remain engaged? In my work with young people, my focus has always been on building rapport, mutual respect, empowering our young people to take a more active role in their learning, and maximising engagement.

Are Many Of Your Students

► Disengaged?
► Unmotivated?
► Struggling to concentrate?
► Lacking direction or a clear sense of purpose?
► Disrupting classrooms with their behavior?

Are Many Of Your Teachers Feeling

► Overwhelmed and overworked?
► Stressed?
► Burnt out?
► Unmotivated ?
► Lacking passion and purpose?
► Tired of competing with technology and social media?

Here’s How I Can Help You

My Mission, through ‘The Reconnect Project’, is to engage individuals and groups in a transformational process by focusing of the following key areas:

  • Discovering Your True Identity
  • Rethinking Your Thinking
  • Being Mindful
  • Developing your Mental Fitness
  • Building Boundaries
  • Understanding the Mind-Body Connection
  • Letting Go.

‘The Reconnect Project’ will enable students to develop greater self-awareness, understand their thought processes, adopt ways of maintaining good mental fitness, become more confident, and understand themselves better so that they can more easily navigate life’s challenges.

What Our Clients Say

The Reconnect Project will help you to…

  • Enjoy relationships of depth and connection
  • Listen to the inner voice
  • Develop a stronger sense of meaning and purpose
  • Unleash creativity, imagination and passion
  • Learn how to rethink your thinking
  • Become more engaged in life
  • Find the courage to deal with personal obstacles
  • Tune into the divine wisdom
  • Build and maintain personal boundaries
  • Discover natural leadership traits
  • Create a life of joy, balance and abundance
  • Learn to let go

The School Reconnect Program will help schools to …

  • Engage students
  • Build strong relationships within their learning community
  • Re-energise teachers
  • Create a shared vision
  • Help students find meaning and purpose
  • Provide students & teachers with strategies to enhance their mental fitness
  • Activate leadership qualities

Take the time to tune into “the power within you that is infinitely greater than anything the world can offer.”
Eckart Tolle

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