The Reconnect Project

“We are all just walking each other home.” Ram Dass

We don’t have to walk this journey alone! Through connection, we can create an energy that will invigorate, enliven, ignite your passion, and clarify your purpose.

By engaging in ‘The Reconnect Project’, people of all ages will discover ways to shift their thinking, increase their resilience, become more mindful, and approach the inevitable challenges in life in a way that leads to greater personal growth, joy and a life of abundance.

Focus Areas

The Reconnect Project takes you on a journey of self-discovery, self-mastery, and greater self-love, by working through the following key focus areas…

● Discovering Your True Identity
● Rethinking Your Thinking
● Being Mindful
● Developing your Mental Fitness
● Building Boundaries
● Understanding the Mind-Body Connection
● Letting Go
● The Journey So Far

Discovering Your True Identity

“Transforming our mind and body and returning to our purest soul expression…we find the divine within ourselves, which extends to the world around us.” (Dr. Nicole Le Pera)

In order to ‘reconnect’, it is important to recognise how we may have strayed from our “purest soul expression”. By stepping away from the busyness and our constant striving to do more and be more, we give ourselves a chance to identify the ‘divine within ourselves’ and to identify the external forces that we unconsciously allow to shape us. By being still and silent, we can give ourselves a better chance to hear our inner voice and to gain a better understanding of who we truly are.

Rethinking Your Thinking

“Be the master of your thoughts, not their servant.” (Mooji)

Learning how to reprogram our mind can have a profound influence on how we respond to any given situation. Being able to identify our thought patterns is the first step to enabling us to rethink how we think and therefore take greater control over our thoughts.

Being Mindful

“No matter how long your journey appears to be, there is never more than this: one step, one breath, one moment – Now” (Eckhart Tolle)

There is a common theme amongst the great Masters and enlightened figures of our time, that we can enrich our lives by living in the present moment. Too often, we appear to get stuck in the past or continually project our thoughts into the future, and whilst there is value in our memories as well as a need to plan ahead, unless we can learn to be present in the “now moment”, we may miss out on much of what life has to offer.

Developing Your Mental Fitness

“The solutions are within us…they are part of your own mechanism, your inner self which you have always intuitively known – always unconsciously known – was there.” (Dr David R. Hamilton)

We are gradually becoming more aware of the need for quality mental health. We are learning that no matter how physically fit we are, if our mental health is in decline, then our quality of life can be severely impacted.

Building Boundaries

“Know what you want , what your limits are, and communicate that.” (Dr Nicole Le Pera).

As our knowledge of ‘self’ increases, so too does our ability to honour ourselves and our needs. Often we can get caught up in trying to fit in, be accepted, to belong and to seek external validation from others.

Understanding the Mind-Body Connection

“Mind affects body – body affects mind! It’s a two-way process.”
(Dr. David R. Hamilton)

The connection between mind and body is important to recognising and maintaining good overall health.

Letting Go

“Get out of your own way”

Often we are the main obstacle to our progress. By surrendering or letting go, we can open up pathways to our creativity and become less fearful of uncertainty. Trusting in the process can be quite liberating as we stop trying to force outcomes.

The Journey So Far

“Be in this world, but not of this world”

It is hoped that at this point in the journey you have been challenged to examine the way you interact with the world. By recognising your True Self, and understanding the various versions of yourself and how they came about, it is hoped that you have grown in your awareness of You. Through greater consciousness, you will be able to take a step back and become more mindful of the world around you.

Why Engage in ‘The Reconnect Project’?

Whilst ‘The Reconnect Project’ is for everyone, my direct experience has been in high schools. As a Principal, classroom teacher, and in my various leadership roles in schools, I have found that student disengagement is at the core of disruptive behaviour, absenteeism, apathy towards learning, low levels of motivation, and a limited sense of purpose and deficient relationships.

By exploring the various concepts within “The Reconnect Project’, I saw a discernible improvement in engagement levels in the classroom. Connection is key to engagement, but our modern way of living appears to have eroded ‘connection’ in so many ways.

By shifting the focus from “havingness to doingness to beingness”, I have witnessed a significant improvement in the engagement levels of students. These young people have responded in a way that was beyond my expectation. They have…

  • Demonstrated a profound wisdom that defies their age
  • Consistently asked thought provoking and challenging questions
  • Connected with their inner voice
  • Entered into contemplative experiences with maturity and sincerity
  • Applied the concepts explored in class to their personal lives
  • Developed a stronger sense of meaning and purpose
  • Understood the value of spiritual growth
  • Reframed life challenges by rethinking their thinking
  • Adopted strategies to maximise their mental fitness
  • Willingly embarked upon a journey to search for their true self
  • Examined their state of being and an understanding of how this came about
  • Increased their levels of consciousness, enabling them to see more clearly

*The results witnessed first hand with these young people are possible for everyone…regardless of age, background, or field of employment.

What The Students Say
There Are Various Ways To Engage With ‘The Reconnect Project’

For schools…
Presentation of Key Focus Areas – to staff, parents & students:

❖ Keynote Presentation to Teachers/Educational Leaders/Parents exploring…
– Authentic leadership
– Personal and professional growth
– Reframing life’s challenges
– Mental Fitness
– Detachment
– Establishing boundaries
– Being mindful

❖ Focused small group workshops (6 week program), involving…
– Discussion/Exploration of Focus Areas
– Exercises/Activities
– Self- reflection
– Integration of ideas into everyday life

Beyond schools…
Small/large group keynote presentations exploring…
– Professional and personal self mastery & growth
– Building connections
– How to create a shared vision, spark creativity and inspire imagination
– Organisational culture and values
– Authentic Leadership
– Maintaining balance to ensure mental fitness

A series of workshops (duration negotiable) exploring all aspects of ‘The Reconnect Project’ in greater depth.

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