Teachers & Leaders

The young people in our schools present us with unique and varied challenges; challenges that were not always present in society. However, whatever we think of their preoccupation with technology or their inclination towards non-compliant, rebellious behaviour, has the nature of young people really changed over time?

Whether you are a classroom teacher or educational leader, I can provide the guideposts that will help you connect with the students in your classes, or with the cohort of students sitting before you as you try to address their behaviour, jolt them out of their apathetic approach to learning, or inspire them to step into their greatness!

By drawing on the various elements of ‘The Reconnect Project’, we will explore the following:

  • Building rapport and enhancing relationships
  • Empowering our young people to make good decisions about their behaviour
  • Establishing a school culture inclusive of all members of the school community
  • Engaging students in meaningful dialogue
  • Embedding conflict resolution procedures based on mutual respect
  • Seeking feedback from students
  • Agreeing on a clear set of values
  • Developing strategies to maximise mental fitness and reduce stress and anxiety
  • Understanding our ability to become more aware of our thoughts and emotions
Past Roles

My experience as a classroom teacher, House Leader, Year Level Co-ordinator, Assistant Principal, Head of Student Wellbeing and Principal, has enabled me to develop the skills required to connect with young people and to determine the most effective way of engaging them in their learning and holistic development.


Runner up Victorian Teacher of the Year
Program for Disengaged Adolescents – Classrooms Without Walls

Bachelor of Education
Master of Educational Leadership
Graduate Certificate in Arts